Cyber criminals operate from all out of the world, but it is known that cyber criminals are operating from Russia, Ukraine, Romenia, China, etc.. When we launch a new website on the Internet it is available for everybody, right? So as well for Cyber criminals.

One of the techniques to limit the risks for a Cyber attack is to block or challenge regions that are registered as a risk for cyber criminals.


Using countries as an access filter in a Firewall


Using a firewall as a gatekeeper that scans all traffic, you could tell the firewall that all IP’s (Internet Protocol address) coming out of the suspicious countries must be challenged or blocked. How are they challenged? You could ask every IP address that makes the request to access your website, coming from a suspicious country, to fill in a captcha (like pointing out the traffic lights in the picture) (See picture) . This avoids malicious bots (small automated applications) to access your webserver and to try to access the backend of your website.


Blocking users from certain countries


When you block every IP address coming from for example Russia, every single user from Russia will have the message that they are not authorized to access your website. When your business is only focusing on a local audience, then this could be a very interesting feature. Did you ever receive spam messages via the website from companies in China, Russia or even the United States? With this feature this could avoided. As well for cybercriminals, access to your website will not be authorized if they are connecting from countries that you have blocked.


One positive impact can be found as well for Google Adwords campaigns. When foreign internet users are clicking on your ad, Google will recognize the blocking rule and they will also be blocked. So, this feature ensures as well a gain of money.


When your business has an international approach, we could advise to work with different local domain names where you could put this challenge or blocking rule to each of these local websites.




It is important to understand that without the use of a firewall, that scans all traffic to your website, your website on your origin hosting server is at great risk. Even the use of WordPress security plugins gives you a false sense of security when everything is hosted on the server of origin. We’ve personally encounted the problem several malware issues that made some websites unavailable even at hosting company that claimed to be safe. Recently, the Woocommerce plugin has been infected with a malware. Several tech sites have warned business owners to change code in the PHP files of your WordPress website. Imagine that you are a victim of this attack, you would be hanging on the phone talking with your web designer and paying him money in order to solve the problem. Wouldn’t you agree that a firewall implementation is a much smarter solution?


Do you need to buy hardware? No, not at all! At Bestwordpress Design we use a firewall that is residing elsewhere and were we redirect all traffic to. When people want to go to your website, they need to pass the firewall. Will you notice something? No, not at all?


Does a firewall have an impact on the load time of your pages? No, with a correct implementation not! Our own website is our best reference, 80 pages big, and we achieve an average load time of 2 seconds per page. Read our article “why fast page load time is important” to understand why a slow website is bad for business.

Feel free to contact us when you want to implement a firewall for your website or you have any kind of question. We would be happy to help you!

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