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If you have already some questions, maybe you can find the answers already below in our FAQ’s. When you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us. 

What to consider when starting a website project

Today in the digital world, there’s a lot of things to consider. The Internet is a jungle of information and participants. Before you start investing money into a website or web shop there are a couple of questions to consider. Always remember that your website in one of the millions of web pages out there. So building a website is one step, having visitors and regular customers to your website is another step. Always consider these two steps as one. 

Is my website programmed from scratch?

No. We use WordPress and a design framework where we can design pages from. We use a page builder which has an enormous amount of features and possibilities in design. So what you have imagined is possible to design. Because we don’t “code” your website from scratch you save a huge amount of money and the result is so user-friendly for business owners to manage themselves once the website is delivered. 

Why WordPress?

More than a third of all websites worldwide are made on WordPress. As a content management system, WordPress was originally built for bloggers and is still today one of the most popular systems. WordPress is user-friendly and provides the advantage for a business owner to manage and control its own website or e-commerce store. Unlike other CMS systems in the market, WordPress can be managed by business owners who do not know anything of programming code.  

How to secure your website?

The Internet is a place that everybody can access. Unfortunately, people with malicious intentions as well, like cyber criminals. Therefore, we strongly advise to include a portion of your budget in securing your website. We provide a gatekeeper that scans all traffic that is connecting to your website. Depending on your wishes, we tell the gatekeeper which internet users can access and which cannot. If you only want visitors from a certain country, then the gatekeeper will block or challenge visitors from other countries. 

Why should take the privacy laws serious

Many people have been approached by several organizations without their permission in the past, for selling products but as well with malicious intentions. Therefore, the European Union has set several rules in order to protect the consumer private information. When a company does not follow these rules, penalties can be quite severe. If your website does not implement the EU privacy rules, the minimal fines start from already 7500 €. So, be sure to include the right privacy policies on your website. Ask us for more information on this matter. 

Do not hesitate to contact us when you have a specific question. We would be happy to answer your questions. 

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