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Visitors leave websites after 4 seconds

Since July 2018 Google rolled out a new page speed update to their own algorithm. Google punishes slow websites by lower ranking in the search results. 



Fix my website

Which reasons could slow down your website?


They’re several reasons why your WordPress website has slow page load times. Fortunately these causes can be solved quite rapidly and easily. Nevertheless, for non-digital people it could be a nightmare to solve this. 

We have met quite some shop owners in the past, who had created their own WordPress website. They loaded a lot of  images, PDF’s, videos and many plugins in their media library. Decreasing the size of this media content can already help for increasing the speed. 

What is forgotten the most, besides the media content, are the increased number of html, css and javascript files. Especially WordPress plugins can have a negative effect on these number of files. The more files they’re created by WordPress the more HTTP(s) connections the visitors’ browser needs to make. Thus, the slower your website gets. 


Items to optimize

  1. Reduce the size of images
  2. Scale images
  3. Minify html, css and Java scripts
  4. Defer Java scripts on pages or elements
  5. Switch off modules on pages that are not used. 

Non-optimized website


Too many requests


Much too slow page load


No optimized images


No Scales images

Non-optimized website


Less requests, but..


Too much javascript to load before page can be loaded.. 

Optimized website

our own website